Writing, words and written work

The research aspect of writing is fascinating, isn’t it?

To write about the plants and animals of Gondwana for Trapped in Gondwana I needed to have a picture in my mind of what they might look like. That involved a trip to the State Library of Victoria. Naturally I got lost and searched in the wrong place and could not find what I was looking for but, as always, discovered that librarians are helpful, generous and knowledgeable. I  was courteously escorted to the right area where I found  Wildlife of Gondwana (Rich, T. H. & Rich).

I watched (many times) a brilliant DVD called Rainforest: The Secret of Life. In this DVD we get a glimpse of what Gondwana was once like by exploring rare, isolated rainforests with links to Gondwana.

I conducted some direct research because I am lucky to have access to children in my target audience through my teaching activities so I asked them about what they liked in stories. Some of them were kind enough to read the manuscript and offer me feedback which helped develop and improve the story.

Of course, I also spent hours and hours searching many, many websites on the Internet. I discovered that there were once lions with spots, ‘ducks’ as big as horses, bats that did not fly, crocodiles that lived on the land and might have climbed trees and many more intriguing creatures. Some of these creatures are part of the landscape in Trapped in Gondwana. I was often so fascinated by the creatures I was researching that I became absorbed for hours without realising it.

Some of the websites I explored are linked in my Blogroll at Trapped in GondwanaJB 🙂


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